Cafe Boscanova

Boscanova1 Boscanova2

Had brunch with friends. Thought it might be rude to sketch whilst eating, so took photos and did these afterwards!


5 thoughts on “Cafe Boscanova

  1. So cool! What a great idea. Are you a watercolorist? I envy you. It’s my Achilles heal. You’re so brave! Do you sketch first with pencil and incorporate ink last? I like the way you’ve taken an everyday, ordinary moment and preserved it through your work! Awesome.


    1. I like using watercolours, but I’m not an expert by any means! I tend to draw in ink and then add watercolour afterwards (although some of my pictures, like ‘Daffodil’ are the opposite way round). The only time I use pencil first is for drawing faces, as I find it’s hopeless unless I get the proportions right! Thanks for your lovely comments!


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