Experiments with ballpoint pen

IMG_20150811_0001 IMG_20150811_0002

The Sketchbook Skool assignment this week was to sketch one-colour pictures using only a humble ballpoint pen.

More fun than I thought it would be!


3 thoughts on “Experiments with ballpoint pen

  1. Omg! I’d panic…sketching in ink. I’m the queen of changing what I do…ink is the ultimate permanent choice (or assignment). Really great sketches. Great work Tabitha!

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    1. Haha – yes, ink requires a degree of bravery, or foolhardiness, but I like it! I started drawing again recently after reading some of Danny Gregory’s books (like The Creative License) – he’s a big advocate of putting down lines in ink straightaway and not being afraid of mistakes. If the line is wrong, just put down another one next to it!


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