Nippon Inn

Nippon Inn

Nippon Inn

My favourite local place to eat. Unpretentious and reliably good sushi. I just can’t get enough of the tuna sashimi. Pork katsu skewers were pretty good today too!


3 thoughts on “Nippon Inn

  1. You must have a great sketchbook collection! Did you use a photograph to draw from on this one or did you sketch it there? I love how you find the perfect places to sketch. You share your life with the viewer (now I’m hungry for one of those skewers!!!)


    1. Actually, I did a bit of both. I drew in the restaurant, and I even plucked up the courage to show the waitress! I was quite pleased with my sketch but then I overworked the colour. So, later at home I redid the sketch in a more basic form, in black and white, with a photo to help me with details.


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