Today I enjoyed a day out in Chichester with my Dad and a friend. Here are some of the results of my sketching activities:

Fifteen minute pen and ink sketch of the cathedral, with greys added with Tombow brush marker.


A view of the cathedral interior, Derwent Graphitint pencil with red Tombow brush marker


Quick pen and ink drawing of Bosham Quay. The road along the quay floods at high tide, as indicated by the warning notice. This doesn’t stop many people parking there, only to find their cars in the water soon afterwards! The tide comes in with great speed…

The local ice cream man told me he’s watched hundred of cars get wet over the years. He’s even made a movie of it:



5 thoughts on “Chichester

  1. Dear Tabs,
    Thanks for your company today. You had a profitable sketching session. I really enjoyed Chichester cathedral and the Pallant Gallery. I need to work on finishing my haikus, though, as I came away with them in a half completed state. Luckily, there was no shortage of ideas.
    rat xxx


  2. I love the drawings of the cathedral. The tiny chairs all huddled together in the space, there is something about they way they look that is very human – small creatures in a lofty space. I like how you did that. And the video is pretty funny (since it’s not happening to me) and I like it even more that the man felt it worth filming as a chronicle of all the cars this has happened to!

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  3. That film is so hilarious – why do people never read signs? Or perhaps they do but never believe it will happen if they are only going to park for a short while. I loved your drawings over the past year – let us hope 2017 will also be a good year for you – Sol


  4. Great video! The pen and ink sketch of the cathedral’s exterior is my favourite! I can’t believe that you work so quickly. I used to go on holiday near Chichester almost every year as a child.


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