Southern Hemisphere

We arrived in Auckland two weeks ago and time has flown by. There has been so much to sort out that I hadn’t even refilled my pens with ink until today (I took no chances and emptied them all for the flight!). I was starting to get the nervous feeling that I might have forgotten how to draw as it’s been so long…

I started with a view from our window, which turned out to be rather complex. Rangitoto Island is visible in the background. This volcanic island is an iconic landmark in Auckland, visible from much of the city.


3 thoughts on “Southern Hemisphere

  1. Glad you have found time to restart sketching. The sketch, however, looks a bit more African township than manicured Auckland suburb from what I remember of the photo!!! Have you contacted the Urban Sketchers’ group yet? Make sure you sketch all the things, even the small things, which make NZ different. These will provide the best memories in years to come.


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