Hot Water Beach

We decided to book a bach at Hot Water Beach in Coromandel for the weekend. Te Puia Lodge, where we stayed, is just across the road from the famous beach. We joined some other hardy souls in the pouring rain and dug holes in the sand at low tide to find the hot water underneath. It is quite an experience! The water gets over 60’C so you have to be careful not to burn your feet. Once you have a nice pool you can mix in some cold sea water and enjoy a spa experience. It rained all day on Saturday so I did some sketching of the lodge indoors. This morning I captured a very quick sketch of the house from the front before the showers started again.










2 thoughts on “Hot Water Beach

  1. What a beautiful souvenir of an unusual place. We had plenty of rain at the weekend too but had no compensating hot springs to sit in. Pity you did not sketch the samiadic sand squatting but I guess that would have completely impractical !!


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