The Birdcage 

I’ve recently discovered the list of Auckland’s heritage buildings and I thought it might make a good project to sketch some of them whilst we’re here. Today I went back to Ponsonby to draw The Birdcage, formerly the Rob Roy Hotel. Built in 1885-1886, the building was moved 40m down the road and then back again (using huge hydraulic rams and a teflon-coated track) in order to facilitate the building of the Victoria Park Tunnel in 2010.

This YouTube video shows the building being moved back into place: The Move Back


5 thoughts on “The Birdcage 

  1. I admire what you’re doing, Tabitha. I took a more serious interest in historic buildings and landmarks in Texas after learning that an historic building in my mother’s home town (Spur) was in need of funding for preservation. Thanks to you, I’m inspired now to preserve more of such on paper – and in the cloud, as you have done here.


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