Our house (EDM Day 7)

I’ve been meaning to draw our house here for some time and today’s prompt (‘something architectural’) was the perfect opportunity. This is a weatherboard and tin-roof house, with no central heating and no double glazing – these Kiwis are made of strong stuff. It’s starting to get chilly in the mornings now and I’m quite looking forward to returning to an insulated life when we move back to the UK!


11 thoughts on “Our house (EDM Day 7)

  1. This is a revelation: now I know what your house there looks like, what your special number plate car looks like, and what went into your lamb casserole last night!!! Your talent to capture the object is photographic, yet much more vivid! Xxxxx


  2. You just are NOT allowed to criticise any aspect of New Zealand~! We have the best rugby players in the world and are world-leaders/beaters in everything! Of course there’s heating … sheesh … it’s just that our houses aren’t built for imported wimps.

    (Excuse me here, I need a wee break whilst I go throw a few more poms on the fire—back in a tick.)


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