EDM 2017 Days 20-22

I enjoyed a great weekend on Waiheke Island with friends. Not much sketching, but I did manage a quick drawing of a Bird of Paradise plant for the day 20 topic.

I really miss our tandem bicycle, which we have left in the UK. I can’t wait to ride it again!


8 thoughts on “EDM 2017 Days 20-22

  1. I love your daily sketches! They really convey the gist of daily sketching because are so very everyday and personal at the same time. Your feet in tights were a sweet idea! I will direct my students to your website so that they can see for themselves how much fun they could have if they sketched more often 🙂

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  2. A kindred soul … I can never bring myself to admit that I have enough pens, or to ever throw one out—Spouse says I’m a penaholic. (Perhaps I should become a penitent and do penance?)

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