Elliott Street (EDM 2017 Day 27)

I met with the Auckland Urban Sketchers to draw some historic buildings on Elliott Street, which covered the brief for EDM Day 27 (draw something old). To be honest, no buildings in New Zealand are very old, but it’s all relative! 

Elliott Street is right in the main shopping area of the city so we attracted quite a lot of attention from curious passers by. I even had my portrait taken by an art student doing a photography project. I was too surprised to think to ask for a copy!

I managed two sketches: one view included Elliott Stables building, which now houses a food court; the second was a faster sketch of the side of Smith and Caughey’s (a department store). I added the colour to the second sketch at home.


5 thoughts on “Elliott Street (EDM 2017 Day 27)

  1. You’re making an ex-pat Aucklander quite homesick … but it’s all different there now, hustle and bustle and gridlock too often.
    Fifty somethingish years ago there was a mayor who wanted to put in a light-rail system, but Sir Dove-Myer Robinson was not only lightyears ahead of the game … he was a (hoick, spit) Pom. (AND, as far as I know—he didn’t play rugby.)


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