Ponsonby Food Court

I joined the Auckland Urban Sketchers for one last time this afternoon. We met in the International Food Court in Ponsonby and sketched the cafes, food and people!

I enjoyed a big bowl of chicken pho before I started.

Vietnamese restaurant

Fellow sketchers and diners
Italian cafe

5 thoughts on “Ponsonby Food Court

  1. Love your work~! There’s a spontaneity and a vitality that grips me. Without rhapsodising, it’s an almost Zen quality.

    Going back a few years Ponsonby was the ‘slum landlords’ zone, and then the professional classes saw the potential and moved in. They raised the quality of the properties, and the rentals; the costs drove the Pacific Islander migrants out—eventually it became what it is today.


  2. So cool! Did you sit there and paint as you watched. I did a little sketching at Disneyland and I was so nervous. You are really good! Ben painting for how long? Do you teach classes?


    1. Thanks Myra, yes we always draw ‘live’ with Urban Sketchers. It takes a while to feel confident in public! I’ve been doing it for 2 years now. I don’t teach (yet!) but I recommend Craftsy classes online as a good place to start.

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