Oxford Street, Southampton

The Southampton Urban Sketchers met today to sketch on Oxford Street. I managed about 20 minutes outside (it was about 4 degrees Celsius) and then had to retreat into a cafe to add the colour!

IMG_20180106_0001 (1)




13 thoughts on “Oxford Street, Southampton

  1. You take dedication almost too far, Miss Tabitha. I guess too far is when you pencils snap and/or the brush freezes to the page …

    Again I say it: there’s an almost ‘zen’ approach to some of your work—the great Samurai used to mix artistry with swordsmanship, they tried to capture the evanescent moment in as very few brushstrokes as possible.

    One of Musashi’s is a classic, I’ll see if I can find a link for you (don’t wait up) 🙂


    1. The work in question is called “Shrike on a dead branch” by Miyamoto Musashi. Like most Zen imagery, simplistic almost to the point of absurdity—but oh, so powerful~!

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      1. I think this is why your work is very appealing to me. Without wishing to gush: you get to the point, capture the essence and no-one gets hurt. I love it~!

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  2. Brave to go out sketching in the cold, particularly like the last two in Southhampton and loved the Old Barn too, J and S must have been delighted………..Happy New Year to you both!

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